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Should police be able to force you to give up your cellphone passcode?

It wasn’t long ago that we simply used cellphones to make phone calls outside of home. Now, in addition to the various ways we use them to communicate, we also utilize them for media consumption, as a mass storage device and for various other conveniences. The more uses phones have, the more vital it is that we keep them secure.

Tips to getting the right people on your jury

If you are facing criminal charges, there is a high likelihood that your case will never go to trial. Your lawyer may be able to get the charges dropped. You may come to a plea deal with the prosecution. However, if none of these options are realistic for you, then you may find yourself going to trial.

Tips for starting your career with a criminal record

Nowadays, many companies require mandatory background checks for every new job applicant. If you have a criminal record, this could create obstacles for you in getting hired – regardless of whether you were convicted. It’s a system that makes it difficult for many good people to get a fresh start.

Do all ex-cons in Florida have voting rights?

Florida voters made a choice in November 2018 that affected more than 1 million other Floridians. They voted to approve Amendment 4, which gave Floridians with felony convictions the right to vote. This did not apply to felons with murder or sexual offense convictions. But the amendment did include felons who had convictions for other offenses, such as drugs, fraud or assault.

Ignition interlock devices can cause distracted driving

Many states, including Florida, require certain people convicted of a DUI to use ignition interlock devices in their cars. These devices make drivers test their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) with a breath test before being able to start the vehicle. While many view ignition interlock devices as a great solution to drunk driving, some say they cause unforeseen problems.

Eyewitness testimonies aren’t as reliable as you might think

In 1981, Alan Crotzer was charged and convicted of sexual battery, kidnapping, burglary, aggravated assault, robbery and attempted robbery. Victim eyewitness testimony contributed to his conviction. The Florida courts sentenced Crotzer —who pleaded not guilty —to 130 years in prison.

When can my child be tried as an adult?

Finding out that your child has been charged with a crime can be incredibly painful. You’ve worked hard to raise your kids, and you never expected something like this. You might know that they are innocent, but you might also worry about whether anyone else is going to believe that.

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