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McIntosh Law Advocates for the accused since 1993

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Insys Therapeutics the center of conspiracy theory

Insys Therapeutics is facing trouble in court over allegations that it participated in a national conspiracy to bribe physicians and pharmacists to prescribe Sybsys, a mouth-spray version of fentanyl, to people who didn't need it. The opioid medication was launched in...

Can medical emergencies look like intoxication?

When you see someone walking down the street with a sway and dizzy look, you probably assume he or she is intoxicated. Likewise, if you notice a driver who isn't staying in the lines, it's probable that you assume he or she could have been drinking before getting in...

Does the statute of limitations apply to felonies?

Under Floridian law, prosecutors have time limits in almost all types of cases. The exceptions to that rule are for violent cases in which someone was killed and the accused could face charges that result in a death penalty felony, felony punishable by life in prison...

Felonies affect you in all aspects of your life

Felonies affect your life in many ways other than the penalties you face in court. When you are convicted of a felony, you lose some of your civil rights. Some civil rights may be restricted. Felons, for example, have no right to vote. They may not hold a public...

Marijuana is not totally decriminalized in Florida

The strange thing about marijuana laws is that federal law states one thing, but many state laws say another. Under federal law, you may not possess, manufacture, sell, distribute or use marijuana for any reason. If you live in Florida, however, state law says it's...

First conviction DUI? Here’s what you need to know

You were having a great night out with friends when you saw the flashing lights behind you. The police were pulling you over, but you didn't think you were over the limit. Surprisingly, you were and now face charges. In Florida, first convictions for DUIs lead to...