Construction Industry Professional Licensing Defense

Construction Industry Licensing Board

Contractors who face discipline or have application issues may be summoned to attend Florida’s Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB) meeting to answer questions from the Board members. This can be an intimidating venue, even for the most experienced contractors. McIntosh Law Firm has experience presenting before the CILB Board and will assist you in preparation and presentation to the Board.

Formal Administrative Hearings

Contractors who face complaints that rise to the level of probable cause and have an Administrative Complaint filed against them by the DBPR / CILB attorneys, should seek an experienced attorney to defend their license. At a formal administrative hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), you have the right to cross-examine the State’s witnesses, present your own witnesses, and even testify yourself. The State of Florida has the burden to prove their case against you if they are seeking to discipline your license. McIntosh Law Firm can assist you in defending your license.