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McIntosh Law Advocates for the accused since 1993

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Theft & Property Offenses

Do you understand burglary charges?

When someone accuses you of a crime, it is important to understand the allegations. One offense that can cause confusion is burglary. You may consider burglary and theft to be the same thing. According to the Florida Legislature, taking someone's property is not an...

Joyriding is no laughing matter

Spring break is coming again. So are thousands of thrill-seeking teenagers and college students eager to escape winter and turn Florida into their tropical playground. Some might even dare to rustle up a crew, hot-rod along the beach in somebody else’s vehicle, bring...

Defenses against shoplifting in Florida

Many people consider shoplifting a minor crime and usually associate it with teenagers stealing clothing or candy bars. However, the U.S. retail industry estimates up to $50 billion in merchandise is lost each year by retailers, who take it very seriously. In Florida,...

Theft comes in many forms

Many people have preconceived notions of what theft looks like. They imagine someone shoplifting a candy bar from the store or stealing money from the bank. However, those are just two forms of theft. In reality, theft has a wide variety of meanings, ranging from...

Types of theft crimes in Florida

Most crimes that involve stolen property fall under the theft laws in Florida. The state distinguishes between petty theft and grand theft based on the value of the stolen items.  Review the definitions of and possible penalties for Florida theft-related crimes. ...

Components of larceny

Larceny is a type of theft and one of six different types of property crimes. For authorities to lawfully charge an individual with larceny, there are certain components to the alleged crime that must be present. If the components of larceny are not present, it does...