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Biased judicial systems: The truth comes out in Florida

Many people believe that the criminal justice system is harsher on people of color, and over time, more and more data has come out in support of that claim. After a review, it's been confirmed that it was the case in Broward, Florida. After releasing the results of an investigation about the number of blacks arrested in drug-free zones alongside sentences and discrepancies, the Herald-Tribune had reported that black people were receiving more prison time than whites.

These property crimes could land you in prison

Several types of property crimes can get you into deep trouble with the law. Some include burglary, shoplifting, arson, robbery, larceny and theft. Each of these varies slightly from the other, but all have the potential to be charged as misdemeanors or felonies.

An ignition interlock device keeps you behind the wheel

After a conviction for a DUI, one thing you may need to use is an ignition interlock device. An ignition interlock device, also called an IID, stops your vehicle from starting up if you've had too much alcohol to drink. The device saves lives and restricts drunk drivers, making it a popular option after a DUI is confirmed.

Saturday night's not alright for fighting

It was quite a night. You and some friends hit the bar and had a great time listening to music, singing karaoke and blowing off some steam. Then came the fight. Whether your opponent was a spur-of-the-moment choice or someone for whom you have harbored a longtime grudge, things got out of hand, and you ended up in handcuffs.

Is the War on Drugs racist?

Florida has a real problem with drugs presently, but it doesn't just come down to the availability of drugs themselves. One of the issues is that drug enforcement is actually racist. Looking at a report from 2015, it shows that there is prejudice in the justice system, leading to Black individuals being sentenced with more severe penalties than whites who commit the same crimes or those with similar factors.


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