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McIntosh Law Advocates for the accused since 1993

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Can a DUI cause you to lose your college scholarship?

When college students get their first taste of freedom, they sometimes make mistakes. These mistakes may involve overindulging in alcohol. Worse, some students make the mistake of driving while under the influence. This is potentially dangerous to your well-being, as...

Do you understand burglary charges?

When someone accuses you of a crime, it is important to understand the allegations. One offense that can cause confusion is burglary. You may consider burglary and theft to be the same thing. According to the Florida Legislature, taking someone's property is not an...

Can law enforcement set up DUI checkpoints?

If you enjoy drinking alcohol, Sarasota certainly has plenty of places to imbibe. For most Floridians, of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with consuming beer, wine or spirits. If you drink and drive, though, a random patrol officer may stop your vehicle and...

What are your rights when facing criminal charges?

When facing criminal charges, even if facing a felony charge, accused individuals still have rights under the law. These rights help to prevent unfair treatment in the justice system. It is important for all citizens to understand the rights and protections they have....

Should you worried about a failed lie detector test?

The polygraph test made waves when it first came out, with many people across multiple industries claiming that it was a fool-proof way to detect lies. However, within weeks of its debut, it already fell under intensive scrutiny. These days, the results of polygraph...

Penalties for Medicare fraud in Florida

As a Florida healthcare professional, it is imperative to document all patient encounters and follow proper billing and coding procedures. The U.S. Department of Justice is actively cracking down on healthcare fraud by going after providers with too many questionable...

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