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Tips to getting the right people on your jury

If you are facing criminal charges, there is a high likelihood that your case will never go to trial. Your lawyer may be able to get the charges dropped. You may come to a plea deal with the prosecution. However, if none of these options are realistic for you, then you may find yourself going to trial.

At the beginning of this process, your attorney and the prosecutor will go through a voir dire – an interview process of potential jurors. During this examination, it’s important to uncover the right information to give you the best possible chances of a fair trial – and a favorable outcome for you.

A physician's recommendation won't prevent a Florida drug DUI

Alcohol is not the only substance that can negatively impact your ability to drive safely. Quite a large number of prescription medications and even over-the-counter drugs can negatively affect how well you manage a vehicle. Florida expects that all drivers will only get behind the wheel when they are not under the influence of any potentially dangerous drug.

Many prescriptions come with a warning that they can negatively impact your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery. You should also check for warnings about drowsiness to ensure you don't make a mistake about when it's safe to drive. If you choose to get behind the wheel after ingesting them, you could find yourself facing drugged-driving accusations.

Build a strong defense against involuntary manslaughter charges

You were driving on the highway faster than the posted speed limit in the hope of reaching home faster when your worst fear happened: Traffic stopped, and you didn't have time to avoid it.

In your larger vehicle, you were well protected against the impact of the crash. The same was not true for the occupants of the vehicle you struck. They were badly hurt, and one of them passed away as a result of the injuries they suffered. Now, you're facing involuntary manslaughter charges.

How does a pyramid scheme work?

Pyramid schemes are illegal methods of scamming consumers. They begin with a recruiter who creates a fake or fraudulent business. That individual then asks anyone who wants to join the business to pay a fee.

The people recruited then attempt to recruit more people to join the company for a fee. They keep a portion of the fee paid by the new recruit and pass the rest on to the owner of the business. Over time, more and more people join the business, but the flow of new recruits eventually ends. When that happens, people begin to lose their investments and the pyramid scheme ends.

What happens after you fail a drug test?

When a police officer pulls you over, it can be an anxiety-inducing experience. While you might not be drinking and driving, there are still repercussions that can come from driving after taking drugs. Driving under the influence of drugs can lead to impaired judgement, lack of awareness and low concentration. It can also lead to a DUI.

Failing a drug test and getting a DUI can be scary. But knowing how drug tests work and what the consequences could be can allow you to be more prepared if you get a drug-related DUI charge.

The myth of the lie detector test: why you don’t have to worry

The lie detector test – also known as the polygraph test – has been around for decades. Soon after it was released onto the market, the validity of the test’s results fell under scrutiny.

A 2003 report by the National Research Council found that there is little evidence to indicate that this test would lead to accurate results. In 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court banned the use of polygraph test results as evidence in many federal courts. This is because such tests cannot provide information about whether someone is lying.

Addiction rehab can help those accused of Florida opioid offenses

Opioid addiction is a serious issue in modern Florida, with many people losing their lives due to overdoses and countless others struggling to overcome their dependence. While society often takes a dim view of addiction, it is often the result of people doing what they believe is best for their health.

Quite a few individuals who start taking narcotic painkillers under the direction of a physician eventually develop a dependence on it. Other people may access these highly addictive pills through friends, family or co-workers who sell or give away their pain medication to others, possibly because they can't go to the doctor for an injury or illness.

Are there external factors that lead to acts of violence?

Like most people, you are probably familiar with some criminal laws within the United States. But if you find yourself in a position where you face accusations of committing a violent crime, you might have questions about what led to your situation, when your legal process will be over and how a court will determine your consequences.

You might define violent crimes as those in which you take another person’s life or use an illegal weapon. And while this may be true, in the eyes of the law, violence can encompass more than you may think.

Tips for starting your career with a criminal record

Nowadays, many companies require mandatory background checks for every new job applicant. If you have a criminal record, this could create obstacles for you in getting hired – regardless of whether you were convicted. It’s a system that makes it difficult for many good people to get a fresh start.

Still, your prospects of getting a job – and even starting a career – may not be as bad as you might think. It can be frustrating and demoralizing to submit application after application without even getting an interview. But it’s possible you’re looking for work in the wrong places.

3 ways to support a loved one facing substance abuse charges

Some people are in your inner circle because they were born there, while others join it because you have a shared history that has resulted in a friendship. Regardless of whether the person is blood related or a friend, when someone you love faces impaired driving allegations in Florida, it is natural to feel stressed and worried about the other person.

You may want to hold them accountable for any bad decision they made while also supporting them to improve their life as much as possible. There are three ways that you can effectively support a loved one facing pending driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Florida.

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