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How long can you lose your license for over a Florida DUI?

Impaired driving charges often result in a variety of consequences for those accused. Because driving is a privilege and not a right, those convicted of impaired driving or who plead guilty to driving while intoxicated can face license suspension as well as the standard criminal penalties associated with most crimes, like fines and jail time.

Losing your license is more than an inconvenience. Public transportation simply isn't reliable enough to get you to and from work, to say nothing of taking children to school or making it to important appointments on time. Taking taxis or using a rideshare service is likely going to become prohibitively expensive quickly. Even if you have a great support network, people will inevitably begin to resent giving you rides all the time.

When does a deadly car crash become vehicular homicide?

Most people take deliberate action behind the wheel to avoid causing any sort of collision. Unfortunately, issues ranging from bad driving on someone else's part to weather could make it impossible for you to prevent an accidental collision.

While you may have been able to walk away from the crash, it is possible that people in the other vehicle wound up hurt or even died as a result of that collision. In that situation, you may find yourself worrying about whether you will face criminal charges under Florida's vehicular homicide law.

How Sarasota jails are helping opioid offenders to heal

Last year, the opioid crisis was declared a public health emergency. Myriad opioid manufacturers and healthcare professionals are now facing lawsuits for having carelessly prescribed the highly addictive drugs as standard pain management medication—which resulted in an epidemic of addiction and death across the country.

The Sarasota jail system made headlines last week, when news correspondent Geraldo Rivera examined the county’s unique approach to helping inmates dealing with opioid addiction. The county’s innovative program is having powerfully positive impacts.

How can drug charges affect any career?

Drug addiction is a serious problem in this country, but it is often misunderstood. It is easy to think that the people who are facing this problem are unproductive, unemployed individuals who focus solely on getting the next hit. This isn't the case. Many people who are addicted to drugs are gainfully employed. Some of them even hold professional position.

An employed person who is addicted to drugs must think about more than just the criminal penalties that they are facing. They also have to consider how any criminal charges that stem from addiction might impact their professional lives. Together, these can make life difficult, but they may provide the fuel to work on their defense strategies.

When can recordings be used as evidence?

Facing criminal charges can be an extremely stressful experience. The prosecution will try to build the strongest possible case against you, using any evidence available.

In the era of ubiquitous smartphones and other personal devices, almost everyone has the ability to record any event in an instant. But are such recordings always admissible in court? What matters in such cases is the type of recording—and the circumstances behind its creation.

How addiction can lead to the end of your pharmacy career

It takes both dedication and an education to secure a career in a Florida pharmacy. Whether you are a technician or a pharmacist, you have likely spent substantial time and money on your education. You have probably also devoted years of your life to developing your career. Unfortunately, issues outside of your control, such as a serious addiction issue, could end up costing you your preferred career.

Pharmacists and technicians who work in pharmacies have access to controlled substances. To protect the public from the risk these substances pose, the state of Florida authorized the Florida Board of Pharmacy to license professionals for this field. Criminal convictions, as well as allegations from co-workers, could result in an investigation that can impact your eligibility for state licensing.

Does failing a drug test mean you're guilty of a Florida DUI?

The rise of the police procedural show has impacted the way people think about crimes and criminal justice. They may confuse what they see on television shows for real life.

When it comes to the criminal justice system, people tend to put an inordinate amount of faith in chemical testing. There seems to be a general belief among the public that roadside sobriety testing and chemical breath tests are infallible, for example.

Protecting your job as a teacher from allegations of bad behavior

For many people, working as a teacher often proves to be a simultaneously frustrating and rewarding experience. Helping to educate children and teach them to think critically is incredible. You know that you are having a positive impact on the community in which you live and work.

However, low rates of pay, standardized testing issues and potential personal danger on the job all impact the happiness and success of many teachers in Florida. As if paying teachers less than many other professionals wasn't enough, the state also holds teachers to a higher standard than many other professionals.

What factors lead to felony DUI charges in Florida?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a common criminal charge in Florida. Residents and tourists can decide to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink or after taking drugs or medications that impact their ability to drive.

The vast majority of DUI cases result in misdemeanor charges. However, there are circumstances under which someone accused of driving while under the influence could wind up facing felony charges instead of misdemeanor charges. Felony DUI offenses carry harsher penalties and result in a more serious criminal record.

Does your case meet the requirements for "Stand Your Ground?"

Florida criminal law is relatively confusing. A lot of people struggle to understand the nuances of the law as it could apply to them. For example, many people conflate stand your ground rights under Florida law with the right to self-defense. However, there is actually a world of difference between the two, including when they would impact your potential criminal case.

Self-defense is a legal term employed as part of a defense against existing criminal charges. You may claim self-defense as an affirmative defense against many kinds of violent crimes. What happens is that you agree with the state that you committed the act in question. However, you were not committing a crime because you acted out of an intention to defend yourself or someone else under imminent threat.

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