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The right defense can help prevent charges for weapons crimes

Certain people with criminal histories are unable to legally obtain or own a firearm or weapon in most cases. In Florida, a convicted felon is not legally able to own a firearm, ammunition, electric weapon or concealed weapon. Anyone who has received a felony conviction for a crime against America is also restricted from owning the above weapons or firearms.

Paying a hefty price for a DUI conviction

You may already know the personal cost of a DUI, even if your arrest happened only hours or days ago. You may feel confused and embarrassed, and it may be a long time before you forget the way you felt when you had to call your spouse to say you were under arrest or your boss to explain why you wouldn't be coming to work the next day.

DUI courts help reduce addiction and the risk of reoffending

Sarasota County is one of only four in the state with its own specialized DUI court. The Sarasota County DUI Court opened in 2008. It is a specialized court that is aimed at changing the way DUI offenders act and react to alcohol. They realize that some people are addicted to alcohol and need treatment more than time in prison.


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