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Vandalizing property: You could face a felony or misdemeanor

It's easy to be persuaded by others that performing graffiti or defacing property in some way is a good idea. Maybe it's meant to be a joke or wasn't meant to cause harm, but the fact is that vandalism of any type is a criminal act. When you destroy or deface a property without permission, it's considered to be vandalism.

You can defend against drug trafficking charges

You know that giving someone else your prescriptions is against the law if you're intending to sell the drugs, but you didn't expect to get in trouble for giving someone the medications without asking for payment. Drug trafficking is a criminal offense penalized within the state of Florida; if you have a controlled substance and possess, sell or distribute it, you can be charged.

Are you facing criminal charges related to distracted driving?

The same traffic laws and regulations obviously bind all motorists. Whether you're just passing through from another state or are a permanent resident, any time you get behind the wheel on Florida roadways, you are accountable for your actions according to current traffic laws. Depending on the type of vehicle you're driving at the time, you may, in fact, be under additional restrictions, such as those pertaining to tractor-trailers or other commercial vehicles.

What happens if you're convicted of drunk driving?

If you're stopped for drinking and driving, there are a number of penalties you may face. Beyond the legal issues you could face, you may also struggle to keep your job or go to school. Your reputation may be damaged, even if it turns out that the police were incorrect and you weren't drinking and driving.


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