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What kinds of factors play a role in blood alcohol levels?

Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is altered and affected by many different things. For example, a person who is 100 pounds is more likely to get drunk on the same amount of alcohol had by a person who is 150 pounds. Other factors that can affect you include if you've eaten and the type of alcohol you drink.

Florida representative pleads guilty to DUI charges

Drunk driving charges can affect anyone negatively, causing them to lose face and struggle with their work, home and social lives. For those in the public eye, it's incredibly damaging to be charged, let alone convicted, of drunk driving. For those the media follows, charges can ruin their reputations and damage their job prospects.

It's my first DUI in Florida. What should I expect?

Facing any type of criminal charge is a daunting prospect, especially when your personal freedoms and financial security are at stake with a potential conviction. With a drunk driving charge, a conviction could bring penalties that may affect various areas of your life, including your right to drive. 

Digital footprints can incriminate you or help your case

If you're accused of a crime, one of the things that could be used against you is digital evidence. Today's world has plenty of digital items that can collect information about you. That information can be incriminating, which is why it's important to be upfront with your attorney about any and all digital footprints you've made.


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