Title IX Defense

It’s a nightmare parents fear. Your son or daughter goes off to college and one day you receive a call that he or she has been accused of committing a sexual assault on campus. McIntosh Law Firm has been advocates for the accused since 1993 and can offer advice and counsel for those students, teachers, or professors facing Title IX and/or campus assault allegations.

Title IX and criminal proceedings are distinct proceedings. As advocates for the accused, McIntosh Law is experienced at navigating the unique proceedings and intricacies of parallel university and law enforcement investigations.

McIntosh Law handles a variety of matters involving educational services and student discipline. The law firm has achieved success representing students, teachers, and professors.

McIntosh Law will also represent Greek organizations involved in student disciplinary matters.

For those parents, students, or educators faced with a Title IX complaints, remember these steps:

First Four Steps to Defending Title IX Complaints

  1. Speak to an attorney before speaking to anyone else – remember anything you say can and will be used against you.
  2. Share your story with your parent or spouse – do not suffer in silence.
  3. Do not withdraw from school or quit your job.
  4. Stay off social media