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4 potential charges associated with prescription drugs

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2024 | Prescription Drug Charges

Prescription drug abuse is a rising concern in society. It not only poses serious health risks but can also lead to severe legal consequences.

Individuals who engage in the misuse of prescription medications may find themselves facing different criminal charges.

1. Possession of controlled substances

Possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription is a criminal offense. Law enforcement agencies classify certain medications as controlled substances due to their potential for abuse. Possessing these drugs without a legitimate prescription may result in charges, leading to legal repercussions.

2. Distribution and trafficking

Individuals involved in the illegal distribution or trafficking of prescription drugs can face serious criminal charges. This extends beyond personal use and involves selling, trading or transporting prescription medications without proper authorization. Law enforcement actively targets these activities to curb the illegal distribution of prescription drugs.

3. Fraudulent activities

Engaging in fraudulent activities to obtain prescription medications is another criminal offense. This may include forging prescriptions, doctor shopping or altering prescriptions. Those caught participating in such practices can face criminal charges related to fraud.

4. Child endangerment

Prescription drug abuse can lead to child endangerment charges if individuals with caregiving responsibilities, such as parents or guardians, misuse these medications. The presence of prescription drugs in a home accessible to children or the impairment of a caregiver due to drug abuse may result in criminal charges for putting the well-being of minors at risk.

Every year, 16.3 million people misuse prescription drugs. In some cases, that misuse can spiral into a criminal journey. Although a challenging situation, the right defense may help ensure a more favorable outcome.

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