Comprehensive Guidance After Probation Violation Accusations

A probation violation occurs when you break the conditions of your probation. This can include failing to appear in court or pay fines, unauthorized out-of-state travel or not reporting to your probation officer at a scheduled date and time. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, these issues can result in significant penalties and require the help of a skilled lawyer.

If you have been arrested for a new criminal offense in Florida while on probation, a warrant for violation of probation will be entered against you. This will result in an arrest and the possibility of being held without bond.

Experienced Florida Attorneys Handling Bail Bond Hearings And Probation Reinstatement

At McIntosh Law, we are experienced with every aspect of state and federal criminal law, including issues related to probation violation. Our lawyers can help with a variety of issues, including representing you in bail bond hearings and filing for probation reinstatement.

Facing A Probation Violation? Know Your Rights

When facing probation violation charges, knowing your rights is vital to minimizing or avoiding additional penalties or consequences.

In general, you have a right to:

  • Receive written notice of violation claims against you
  • Be heard in court by a neutral judge
  • Have attorney representation
  • Present witnesses and evidence that support your case or refute charges against you

The attorneys of McIntosh Law can help you understand your rights and apply them to your particular situation. We are skilled negotiators who will fight to defend your rights in negotiation and in the courtroom.

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