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How addiction can lead to the end of your pharmacy career

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Firm News

It takes both dedication and an education to secure a career in a Florida pharmacy. Whether you are a technician or a pharmacist, you have likely spent substantial time and money on your education. You have probably also devoted years of your life to developing your career. Unfortunately, issues outside of your control, such as a serious addiction issue, could end up costing you your preferred career.

Pharmacists and technicians who work in pharmacies have access to controlled substances. To protect the public from the risk these substances pose, the state of Florida authorized the Florida Board of Pharmacy to license professionals for this field. Criminal convictions, as well as allegations from co-workers, could result in an investigation that can impact your eligibility for state licensing.

Conviction of a controlled substance offense could cost your license

People who struggle with addiction handle the problem in a variety of different manners. Some people desperately try to keep their personal problem separate from their professional endeavors. Others eventually find themselves tempted to use their position as a means of securing the medication they have come dependent upon.

You could find yourself facing charges related to the diversion of drugs by taking them from your place of employment. It is also possible for you to get caught while purchasing your medication from an outside source or simply while driving with them in your vehicle. Even if your possession of the medication doesn’t relate to your job directly, the State Board of Pharmacy will receive notification of a conviction if one occurs.

You will most likely face a disciplinary hearing after such a conviction. The good news is that you have the right to defend yourself in such a hearing. It is still possible to defend your license even if you have a conviction for a controlled substance.

You could face review without any criminal charges

In an effort to protect the public, the Florida Board of Pharmacy makes it incredibly easy for people to make allegations against someone related to drug abuse or other behavior that would make them ineligible for licensing as a pharmacy professional in Florida.

In fact, people can bring completely anonymous complaints against you without any sort of evidence. The board can then investigate and determine whether to hold a review hearing or dismiss the complaint. Unsubstantiated complaints remain anonymous. In other words, people who accuse you without any valid proof can do so with relative impunity. However, you still have the right in this scenario to defend yourself before the board.

Sometimes, criminal defense is also a professional defense

If you find yourself facing controlled substance charges in Florida, it is in your best interest to mount a thorough and well-developed defense. Avoiding a criminal conviction may eliminate or reduce the potential consequences for your license.

As soon as you find out that someone has brought allegations against you, you should take steps to defend your license and your professional reputation. Speaking with a Florida attorney who understands both criminal defense and professional licensing is a good first step for anyone worried about the impact of criminal charges on their professional career and license.

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