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Defending your professional license in Florida

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | blog

It can take months or even years to finish the educational requirements for professional licensing. Then, you must pass tests and submit applications to the state regulatory board to actually get your license. The investment of your time, as well as the financial costs associated with the education, testing and licensing application, represent a substantial investment you’ve made to ensure a decent future with a solid career.

Sadly, many different mistakes can leave you at risk of losing your professional license in Florida. Even unpaid student loans could cost you your career. For those who work as doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, teachers, accountants and other educated professionals, complaints by clients or patients and pending criminal charges could result in a loss of licensing and financial hardship.

Complaints and criminal charges can be grounds for review

Depending on your professional field, there is likely a proper procedure for filing a complaint. Those who believe you failed in a professional capacity could make complaints about your performance. Others could also file complaints about anything from alleged misbehavior to substance abuse and more. Sometimes, jealous competitors or clients you refused to serve could initiate a complaint.

State licensing boards generally investigate such claims and complaints. Many complaints may go no farther than that, as there may not be any evidence of wrongdoing. However, some people will end up facing board review for complaints from clients, patients or even co-workers.

You could also end up summoned to defend yourself if you face criminal charges, regardless of whether they directly relate to your professional field. Even criminal charges that you may think of as minor could have a detrimental impact on your licensing and your career.

Make every effort possible to retain your license

Professional licensing is expensive and also necessary for many professions. If you lose your license to work due to a criminal issue or complaint, you may struggle to find another job that pays well. Instead of letting all those months or years of education and preparation go to waste, you should do your best to defend your license when necessary.

It’s also critical that you take the time to learn as much as possible about any pending or potential criminal charges you may face. Even if you accept a plea deal that keeps you out of jail, the criminal record it creates could still cost your licensing. Knowing in advance what impact those criminal charges could have on your professional future will help you determine the best way to handle the charges. It can also help you start developing a defense for your license.

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