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Potential triggers for barber license revocation

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Professional Licensing Defense

When it comes to barbering, maintaining a license is requisite. The law is clear that cutting hair without one remains illegal.

Various circumstances can threaten the ability to earn a living this way. Barbers should recognize what actions could destroy their livelihoods.

Lack of adherence to sanitation standards

Barbers have the responsibility of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Those who ignore protocols for sterilizing tools jeopardize the health of their clients. Fortunately, most barbers are acutely aware of this issue, with 98% increasing their stock of cleaning and disinfecting supplies in the wake of the pandemic.

Criminal convictions

Legal offenses, whether they stem from assault, drug trafficking or another form of unlawful activity, may result in the revocation of a barbering license. Maintaining a clean record is part and parcel of upholding the barbering profession’s integrity.

Substance abuse

Taking drugs impairs a barber’s ability to perform and may lead to license invalidation. Staying sober helps ensure that clients are never at risk and the industry’s reputation remains untarnished.

Violations of professional boundaries

Maintaining proper behavior when dealing with customers is paramount. Licensing boards frown on inappropriate interactions, whether they are of a verbal, physical or personal nature.

Failure to meet continuing education requirements

Barbers must stay current with industry trends and maintain their skills through further education. Skipping out on enhancement classes indicates a lackadaisical attitude toward serving customers. The licensing board may punish a barber who avoids expected training.

Individuals earning a living in the barbering industry have fair warning that certain factors may lead to the revocation of their licenses. Staying vigilant ensures a future in the dynamic world of cutting hair.

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