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Is doctor shopping illegal?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | blog, Prescription Drug Charges

In the quest to obtain prescription medications, some individuals may engage in a practice known as “doctor shopping.” This involves going to multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions for the same medication without disclosing to the doctors that other physicians have already prescribed the same drugs. Many people do this because of various motives, including addiction, resale of the drugs or obtaining more medication than a single doctor would prescribe.

Doctor shopping has become a concern due to the opioid epidemic. Understanding the laws surrounding doctor shopping and the consequences of this behavior is essential for everyone.

The laws against doctor shopping in Florida

In Florida, doctor shopping is explicitly illegal. Florida law makes it a criminal offense to withhold information from a healthcare provider about receiving the same or similar controlled substances from another provider within the past 30 days.

The law aims to prevent the misuse and abuse of prescription medications, particularly those that can lead to addiction or other serious health consequences.

The consequences of doctor shopping

The penalties for doctor shopping in Florida can be severe. If the courts find you guilty of this offense, you could face felony charges. The level of the charges depends on various factors, including the type and amount of controlled substances obtained through doctor shopping.

Besides criminal charges, doctor shopping can also have significant health risks. Obtaining and using prescription medications without proper medical oversight can lead to overdose, addiction and other serious health problems.

Prevention and awareness

Patients should always be transparent with their healthcare providers about their medical history and the medications they are taking. Doctors and pharmacists can also access a state database in Florida that tracks prescription information, which can aid in identifying potential cases of doctor shopping.

Doctor shopping is a serious issue with grave legal and health consequences. Education and awareness about the laws and the potential risks associated with doctor shopping are important in fostering responsible behavior and protecting individuals from the severe consequences of this harmful activity.

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