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Addiction rehab can help those accused of Florida opioid offenses

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2019 | Firm News

Opioid addiction is a serious issue in modern Florida, with many people losing their lives due to overdoses and countless others struggling to overcome their dependence. While society often takes a dim view of addiction, it is often the result of people doing what they believe is best for their health.

Quite a few individuals who start taking narcotic painkillers under the direction of a physician eventually develop a dependence on it. Other people may access these highly addictive pills through friends, family or co-workers who sell or give away their pain medication to others, possibly because they can’t go to the doctor for an injury or illness.

Whether you face charges for allegedly possessing pills that were not yours or for attempting to doctor shop to secure more medication, it’s important to understand that treating the underlying addiction is critical to your long-term recovery and future.

Entering rehab before going to court can help you turn your life around

It could be weeks or months before you find yourself in court with an opportunity to defend against the allegations the state has brought against you. Using that time to address the issue that led to your arrest could help you in court by showing that you take the issue seriously.

Voluntarily entering inpatient rehabilitation, attending substance abuse counseling or joining a sobriety program could all be ways to demonstrate to the courts your intention to make a change and move on from your history of addiction. Successful completion of treatment for substance abuse might help you sway the courts toward more lenient sentencing in certain circumstances.

Admitting your addiction can help you get care during incarceration

Many penal systems do not take adequate care of those struggling with substance abuse or withdrawing from drugs. Thankfully, Sarasota, Florida, has a relatively progressive attitude toward those struggling with addiction while incarcerated.

There are special “pods” available for certain members of the inmate population where they can receive the support and treatment that will help them turn the page on the chapter of their life defined by addiction. From job placement to parenting skills, people with addiction can receive support aimed at rehabilitation, not just punishment.

Asking for drug court and treatment could be an option as well

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest and the charges you face, it is sometimes possible to ask that Florida transfer your case to the drug courts instead of handling it in the standard criminal manner.

Going through the drug courts often means a court order to stay at rehab instead of standard criminal penalties such as incarceration. Seeking consideration in the Florida drug courts and undergoing treatment through them may be away for those struggling with opioid addiction in Florida to overcome their issues while also addressing their pending criminal charges.

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