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The right defense can help prevent charges for weapons crimes

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Felonies

Certain people with criminal histories are unable to legally obtain or own a firearm or weapon in most cases. In Florida, a convicted felon is not legally able to own a firearm, ammunition, electric weapon or concealed weapon. Anyone who has received a felony conviction for a crime against America is also restricted from owning the above weapons or firearms.

Other people who may not own the above weapons or firearms include those who are convicted of a felony as an adult and who face penalties including at least one year in prison. Those who are under 24 may also lose their right to a weapon or firearm if the crime they committed would have been a felony if committed by an adult.

There are some people that the felony restrictions don’t apply to. They include people who have had their rights restored through an expungement or other process. Those who commit second-degree felonies may also avoid the restrictions in some cases.

As someone with a criminal history, you know that you’re judged harshly if you make mistakes. Carrying a weapon you’re not allowed to own is a major error that could land you in prison or result in heavy fines. It’s important to understand the situation you’re in and the charges placed against you. If there are legitimate reasons for having a weapon or if you were caught with a weapon you didn’t know you had in your vehicle or home, then you may have a good chance to defend your case. With any case, a strong defense makes a difference. Our site has more information.

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