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Types of felony probation in Florida and noncompliance penalties

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Firm News

People convicted of felony criminal acts in Florida might be sentenced to serve probation instead of having to go to prison. Probation is sometimes referred to as community supervision. When participating in the program, they must ensure that they comply with specific requirements.

There are different types of supervision that fall under Community Corrections, which is a part of the Florida Department of Corrections. The probationer will serve a specific amount of time on the program, as ordered by the court.

Drug offender probation

People on probation because of drug charges might be placed on the intensive program geared toward helping them to live without drugs. It combines drug testing with treatment. People on this program might have to undergo residential treatment, but some people only undergo outpatient treatment. Part of the program also helps them to find employment so they can uphold their monetary obligations associated with the case.

Administrative probation

This type of probation is suitable for people who don’t need a lot of one-on-one supervision. Low-risk individuals can be placed on this type, which means they won’t have contact with a probation officer as long as they are within compliance of the terms of the program.

Community control

A person under community control is on house arrest. This program includes them being monitored on holidays and weekends, so it is intense. This is often reserved for people who might be a risk to the community.

Other programs

There are other specialized forms of probation, as well as a general probation program. Probationers are told which form of probation they must follow when they enter into the system. The requirements of each form vary, so everyone on probation must find out what’s allowed and prohibited for their case. They work with a probation officer throughout their time of supervision to ensure they are meeting the requirements and will be ready for re-entry into society at the end of the term.

Facing probation violations

When a person doesn’t comply with the terms of probation, they can face a violation. This requires them to stand before a judge and present their defense. There is no jury to hear these cases, so you need to be prepared with a valid legal strategy. Remember, you can face prison and other penalties when you violate probation, so it is a good idea to always comply with the terms.

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