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Are you eligible for drug court in Sarasota County?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | blog, Prescription Drug Charges

A drug dependency may make you behave in ways you otherwise would not. If you count yourself among the many Florida residents who are currently facing drug-related criminal charges, you may be wondering if you might be able to enroll in drug court and receive help getting your life back on track.

Per the Office of the Public Defender, 12th Judicial Circuit, the Sarasota Count Drug Court follows the same format as the state’s first drug court, which began in Miami-Dade County. Drug court programs combine accountability with resources intended to help drug offenders overcome their dependencies and avoid reentering the state’s criminal justice system.

Determining drug court eligibility

You may be eligible for drug court in Sarasota County if you acknowledge having a substance dependency and are facing a felony drug charge. The felony charge must not be a violent one, and you must be willing to enter a plea to the charge. You also have to agree to undergo treatment and commit to completing all four phases of the county drug court program. Finally, you must abstain from using substances, including medical marijuana and prescribed narcotics, for the duration of the program.

Receiving a referral to drug court

A judge is among those who may refer you to drug court in Sarasota County. If your defense attorney believes you might be a good fit for the program, he or she may also make such a request. A state attorney may also make the referral to drug court after conferring with authorities or your family members.

If you gain entry into drug court in Sarasota County, graduating requires the successful completion of all four drug court phases.

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