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Violent crimes: A major reduction in Florida

Violent crimes include things such as aggravated assault, robbery and murder. These crimes are particularly heinous, which is why they're looked down on and penalized harshly. If you're accused of one of these crimes or others that fall under the classification, it's in your best interests to develop a defense as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Does the statute of limitations apply to felonies?

Under Floridian law, prosecutors have time limits in almost all types of cases. The exceptions to that rule are for violent cases in which someone was killed and the accused could face charges that result in a death penalty felony, felony punishable by life in prison or perjury in an official proceeding that is tied to a death penalty case.

Florida rules against state attorney's no-death-penalty idels

In Florida, the state attorney had filed a petition challenging the governor's authority to reassign death penalty cases. The court recently ruled that the governor is within his rights to reassign the prosecution of death-penalty cases to a special prosecutor.

What are violent crimes, and how are they penalized?

There are many different kinds of crimes that a person can commit, but none are quite as severe as violent crimes. These crimes, which include rape, assault, domestic violence and other forms of violence, are committed to threaten or injure another person. That's what makes them particularly heinous. As a result, those convicted of violent crimes are punished harshly.

The right to self-defense when you're being attacked

If you're accused of assault or other violent crimes, one of the defenses you can use is the defense of self-defense. It's accepted by most people that if you're being attacked, you have a right to defend yourself. The way you act in defense of yourself may be illegal, but if it's necessary, then the law may not penalize you.


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