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Dealing with false domestic violence accusations

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Violent Crimes

If a family or household member has accused you of domestic violence, you likely have a considerable amount of anxiety and uncertainty. These charges surface for a host of reasons, and many innocent people have found themselves in this position. It is vital to try to stay collected and go over your options closely, and you should also understand how these charges could affect your life.

Unfortunately, many people face harsh penalties for domestic violence cases, even though they did not do anything wrong.

Reviewing the definition of domestic violence

The Florida Legislature covers domestic violence, which includes assault, false imprisonment, stalking, battery and sexual assault against family members or household members. This includes people related by blood or marriage, such as a husband, wife or former spouse, as well as the other parent of one’s child. This also includes those who live (or used to live) together in the same dwelling.

Reasons for false claims of domestic violence

Every domestic violence case is unique, and there are many reasons why people falsely accuse family or household members of abuse. Sometimes, a former partner wants to get revenge because they are bitter over a breakup. In other instances, a parent could accuse their child’s other parent of domestic violence in order to influence the outcome of a custody battle.

If you are facing false domestic violence allegations, make sure you gather as much evidence as possible and prepare for court. The outcome of this case could affect your reputation, relationship with your kids, career and other facets of your life.

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