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McIntosh Law Advocates for the accused since 1993

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How can you recognize entrapment?

When it comes to drug crimes and other felonies, many officers work close to where they believe a crime occurs. If you find yourself a victim of an officer who pushed you to commit a crime, such as selling or purchasing illicit substances, you may have a claim against...

Can you refuse field sobriety and chemical tests for DUI?

If the police pull you over on suspicion of driving under the influence, they will ask you to submit to field sobriety and chemical tests. In short, you can refuse both, although the consequences are different for each. Refusing a field sobriety test One of the first...

Can a DUI cause you to lose your college scholarship?

When college students get their first taste of freedom, they sometimes make mistakes. These mistakes may involve overindulging in alcohol. Worse, some students make the mistake of driving while under the influence. This is potentially dangerous to your well-being, as...

What should I understand about plea bargaining?

Facing a felony charge could result in large fines and prison time if a court hands down a conviction. Understandably, people in this position want to know about any available options to avoid the worst outcome from a criminal trial. This is why some individuals...

Can I share my prescription drugs?

Medical care is expensive, and many people lack the ability to afford insurance or have inadequate insurance coverage. Sometimes, people cannot make it to the doctor when they are sick or injured, which may lead you to want to help them out. If you have a prescription...

Do you understand burglary charges?

When someone accuses you of a crime, it is important to understand the allegations. One offense that can cause confusion is burglary. You may consider burglary and theft to be the same thing. According to the Florida Legislature, taking someone's property is not an...

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