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Limits to opioid prescriptions could hurt patients in Florida

Lawmakers have been considering limiting the number of opioids people could get, even by prescription, which could help reduce the shock of the opioid crisis. However, that does pose some problems for people with chronic pain who need their medications each month.

How do you know if a Breathalyzer took a bad reading?

You were stopped by an officer for a taillight that had gone out. You didn't think much of the stop, and you appreciated him telling you that your light wasn't working. Just as you thought you'd be able to continue on your way, the officer asked you if you'd been drinking. He believes you smell of alcohol.

Biased judicial systems: The truth comes out in Florida

Many people believe that the criminal justice system is harsher on people of color, and over time, more and more data has come out in support of that claim. After a review, it's been confirmed that it was the case in Broward, Florida. After releasing the results of an investigation about the number of blacks arrested in drug-free zones alongside sentences and discrepancies, the Herald-Tribune had reported that black people were receiving more prison time than whites.

Is the War on Drugs racist?

Florida has a real problem with drugs presently, but it doesn't just come down to the availability of drugs themselves. One of the issues is that drug enforcement is actually racist. Looking at a report from 2015, it shows that there is prejudice in the justice system, leading to Black individuals being sentenced with more severe penalties than whites who commit the same crimes or those with similar factors.

Caught with drugs? You should understand the justice system

Understanding how court works is an important part of a strong defense. The criminal court system has been designed to be fair, to offer a quick trial and to be impartial. When you think of the criminal system, it's important to understand that you enter the system at the moment of your arrest. It's not just a trial that's important, it's everything that comes before it, too.

Insys Therapeutics the center of conspiracy theory

Insys Therapeutics is facing trouble in court over allegations that it participated in a national conspiracy to bribe physicians and pharmacists to prescribe Sybsys, a mouth-spray version of fentanyl, to people who didn't need it. The opioid medication was launched in 2012, but it didn't do as well as expected. The drug, which is a potent painkiller, could be fueling part of the nation's drug epidemic.

You can defend against drug trafficking charges

You know that giving someone else your prescriptions is against the law if you're intending to sell the drugs, but you didn't expect to get in trouble for giving someone the medications without asking for payment. Drug trafficking is a criminal offense penalized within the state of Florida; if you have a controlled substance and possess, sell or distribute it, you can be charged.


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