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Your right to privacy if you borrow a friend's rental car

Memorial Day is coming up, and you and your friends decide to take advantage of the long weekend by taking a road trip to Miami. But when you go to rent a car, you discover it's a lot more expensive for all of you to be listed as drivers on the rental contract. You're traveling on a budget, so you agree to let your friend Taylor be the designated driver for the weekend.

Defending your professional license in Florida

It can take months or even years to finish the educational requirements for professional licensing. Then, you must pass tests and submit applications to the state regulatory board to actually get your license. The investment of your time, as well as the financial costs associated with the education, testing and licensing application, represent a substantial investment you've made to ensure a decent future with a solid career.

Saturday night's not alright for fighting

It was quite a night. You and some friends hit the bar and had a great time listening to music, singing karaoke and blowing off some steam. Then came the fight. Whether your opponent was a spur-of-the-moment choice or someone for whom you have harbored a longtime grudge, things got out of hand, and you ended up in handcuffs.

Paying a hefty price for a DUI conviction

You may already know the personal cost of a DUI, even if your arrest happened only hours or days ago. You may feel confused and embarrassed, and it may be a long time before you forget the way you felt when you had to call your spouse to say you were under arrest or your boss to explain why you wouldn't be coming to work the next day.

Privacy violations leave your professional license in jeopardy?

As a nurse in Florida, you committed your career to helping people and bringing health and healing to others. When you are threatened with the loss of your professional license for any reason, it's more than just your job that's on the line—it's your entire career path and way of life.

Marijuana is not totally decriminalized in Florida

The strange thing about marijuana laws is that federal law states one thing, but many state laws say another. Under federal law, you may not possess, manufacture, sell, distribute or use marijuana for any reason. If you live in Florida, however, state law says it's okay to use cannabis medicinally. There are strict regulations governing the process, but if you satisfy eligibility requirements and adhere to protocol, you would not necessarily be breaking the law if you were to smoke a joint.

Do not underestimate the penalties for white collar crimes

Facing criminal charges of any kind is a threat to your future and your freedom as a Florida resident. Regardless of the type of charges you are currently facing, you would be wise to take direct action to protect your interests in every way possible. This is particularly true if you are facing federal charges, such as any charge related to white collar crime. 

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