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Telemedicine and legal implications for licensing defense

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Professional Licensing Defense

Telemedicine health is increasing in popularity. However, practicing telemedicine across state lines can attract attention from licensing boards, especially if you are already dealing with licensing issues.

Understanding strategies to help protect your license in these situations is particularly beneficial.

Understanding licensing requirements

Learn about the licensing rules in each state where you practice telemedicine. Every state has its own laws, so knowing the requirements in each place is vital to keeping your license safe.

Make sure your telemedicine practice follows the laws of each state where you see patients. This means getting the right licenses, adhering to scope of practice rules and meeting any other state-specific requirements.

Maintaining accurate patient records

Keep detailed records of all your telemedicine appointments, including patient information, exam results, diagnoses and treatment plans. Having thorough records shows you are following professional standards and can help defend your license.

Cooperating with licensing authorities

Be cooperative with the licensing boards looking into your telemedicine practice. Provide the information they ask for promptly, and be clear in your communications.

Highlight your skills and the quality care you provide through telemedicine. Note your education, training and experience, as well as any successes you have had with patients.

Continuing education and professional development

Keep up with training and education in telemedicine and your medical specialty. Staying current shows regulators that you are serious about following regulations and delivering top-notch care.

By understanding these topics and actions, you can defend your license more thoroughly and keep providing medical services to patients through telemedicine.

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