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Understanding medical license violations and potential penalties

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Professional Licensing Defense

If you are a medical doctor who holds a license in Florida,  you need to understand what types of things affect licensure status.

The state requires that medical doctors act in a professional manner and refrain from violations outlined by the Florida Board of Medicine. If there is a complaint against someone holding a medical license, and the investigation finds that the practitioner is at fault, there are various penalties that may occur.

Grounds for disciplinary action

According to the Florida Legislature, when it comes to practicing medicine, there is a wide variety of violations that can affect licensure. Some of these violations include:

  • Guilty charge or conviction relating to the ability to practice medicine
  • Activities related to kickbacks, bonuses or commissions for patient referrals to specific pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories or nursing homes
  • Prescribing, dispensing or administering certain drugs
  • Inability to safely practice medicine due to alcohol, narcotics, drugs or other material
  • Performing experimental therapy or procedure without the patient’s fully informed and written consent
  • Practicing outside the scope of practice

Potential disciplinary actions

According to the Florida Department of Health, if someone makes a complaint about a licensee, the board conducts a full investigation. If found that the licensee did violate one of the statutes, a number of disciplinary actions may occur. Possible actions include a written reprimand, restriction of practice, fines, administrative costs, remedial education, probation, license suspension or revocation of the medical license.

Although these actions can happen in response to an investigation by the board, the state also requires that a licensee inform the board of any criminal conviction, and then the board decides what disciplinary action it will take.

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