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Theft comes in many forms

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Theft & Property Offenses

Many people have preconceived notions of what theft looks like. They imagine someone shoplifting a candy bar from the store or stealing money from the bank. However, those are just two forms of theft.

In reality, theft has a wide variety of meanings, ranging from minor offenses to more severe charges. Some of the more complex forms of theft include:


Embezzlement is a type of white-collar crime that requires a person to take or misappropriate funds that were entrusted to them or from their employer. In addition to direct stealing, embezzlement can also include misusing company funds for personal use – such as to buy oneself gifts, cars or even homes.

Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is growing in popularity because it relies on using someone else’s credit information to rack up charges under their name. It’s more sophisticated than most petty crimes due to the increased difficulty in tracing such crimes. Most credit card fraudsters lure people in through phishing emails or deceiving websites to capture the person’s credit card information.

Identity theft

Similar to credit card fraud, identity theft is when a person steals personal information from someone else to commit fraud. They may use the information to apply for credit cards, file for tax refunds or even receive medical treatments. It can be detrimental to a person’s finances and their future afterward.

All of these thefts lead to serious consequences for the convicted. A theft conviction on this level can hinder jobs, relationships and future finances. That’s why it’s critical to fight theft charges, no matter the form of theft. You do not want that conviction to follow you throughout your life.

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