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For pharmacists, allegations of addiction can end a career

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Firm News

In many ways, becoming a pharmacist is a similar career path to becoming a doctor. Not only does it require scientifically intensive undergraduate studies, but also a graduate pharmaceutical degree. Also needed is accreditation from the state licensing board where you hope to practice your profession. In Florida, that authority is the Florida Board of Pharmacy.

Pharmacists in Florida are held to a high standard of ethical and professional behavior. Pharmacists who fail to uphold their duty to their clients, as well as those who commit morally questionable offenses, may find themselves at risk of losing their state licensing.

In some cases, allegations alone without a criminal conviction could lead to action by the state pharmaceutical licensing board. Allegations of drug diversion and addiction are likely to cause professional issues for those who work in the pharmaceutical field.

Addiction in pharmacists is an employment liability

A large part of what a pharmacist does is review someone’s medical records to ensure that it is safe for them to take certain medications. For example, many popular prescription drugs interact with one another.

If you see more than one doctor, your doctor may not be aware of a potential interaction when prescribing a new medication. The end result could be a medical tragedy, unless the pharmacist who fills the prescription catches the issue before dispensing the drug.

Pharmacists also serve as a security measure to protect the public. They make it harder for criminals and those with serious addictions to access medications, and abuse or sell them.

However, when a pharmacist is the one abusing medication, the fact that they have easy access to a number of restricted and controlled substances puts them in physical danger and creates legal liability for their employer. As a result of that liability, companies and coworkers are often quick to report suspicions of addiction and drug diversion among those engaged in pharmaceutical administration.

You have the right to defend yourself against claims of abuse or addiction

The idea that allegations could leave you unable to work in the career you have spent years dedicated to pursuing is likely frightening. Thankfully, just as with criminal allegations, you will have the right to defend yourself in front of the licensing board in Florida.

If you receive a notice to appear in front of the Florida Board of Pharmacy, you should not take such a summons lightly. Instead, you need to take every step in your power to defend yourself against allegations that could have a profound impact on your professional and financial future. Developing a strong defense and asserting your rights before the board are two of the most important steps you can take to protect your career.

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