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Violated probation? Here’s what happens now

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Theft & Property Offenses

One of the things you don’t want to do if you’re on probation is to violate it. Violating probation gets you in deep trouble in some cases, possibly even resulting in you going to jail or prison.

Not all kinds of probation are violated in the same way. Overall, breaking the terms of your probation is enough to get you in trouble. If the terms, for instance, tell you to stay within the state and you decide to leave the state, you’ll face repercussions if you’re caught.

What are some possible ways to violate probation?

If you don’t appear in court when you’re scheduled for a hearing, that could put probation to an end. Not reporting to your probation officer is another offense best avoided.

Committing another crime while you’re on probation is a problem as well. It could cause your probation to be revoked and result in further penalties against you.

What happens if you’re guilty of violating probation?

If you are found guilty of violating the terms of probation, then you’ll have to be sentenced. This happens shortly after your probation hearing. At that time, the judge determines if you should spend time in jail, have probation revoked or have additional terms added to your probation.

The judge does consider why and how you violated probation before deciding if you should be penalized. For instance, if you only left the state in the above situation because of an emergency, that might not lead to a penalty. Your attorney can provide more information on the possible penalties you may incur for a probation violation.

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