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Privacy violations leave your professional license in jeopardy?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | blog

As a nurse in Florida, you committed your career to helping people and bringing health and healing to others. When you are threatened with the loss of your professional license for any reason, it’s more than just your job that’s on the line—it’s your entire career path and way of life.

There are multiple reasons why a nurse could lose his or her license, and privacy violations are one of them. Whether you are accused of improper procedures at work or are facing criminal charges that will certainly impact your job, you do not have to face it alone. You have the right to seek help regarding your professional license, the protection of your career and more.

The things that could compromise your license

There are various infractions, irregularities and missteps that could leave your job and license in jeopardy. Without your license, you cannot work as a nurse, and you know how important it is to protect your livelihood. Privacy is critical in the health care industry, and the mishandling of sensitive information could spell big trouble for you as a nurse. Consider the following about privacy violations:

  • Privacy violations are likely in direct violations of HIPPA, which is one of the most important guidelines that all medical professionals must follow.
  • Breach of privacy involves much more than just the wrong person accidentally glancing at a chart or overhearing a conversation. It almost always involves telling the wrong person the wrong thing.
  • Gossip about a patient, telling other patients about people in the neighboring rooms and other seemingly benign actions can lead to the inappropriate passage of sensitive information.

If you tell the wrong person the wrong thing, you may quickly find yourself without a job and without the ability to find work in your chosen field. You would be wise to take quick action to protect your interests from the first moment you learn there may be a problem.

Fight for your right to work

Whether you are wondering if you should self-report a potential violation or what you should do when going before the board, you have the right to prepare a defense and fight for your right to continue working.

From the earliest possible moment, it is useful to seek legal guidance regarding your rights and the best course of action for your individual situation. You do not have to assume that your career is over, but rather, you may fight to protect it and your future opportunities.

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