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Woman causes accident to prevent driver from causing accident

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | DUI

When a driver is out of control on the roads, the first thing people assume is that the individual is intoxicated. That’s not always the case, and if it isn’t, it’s unfair to paint that person as a drunk when he or she may have been suffering symptoms of a medical emergency or from other issues.

In this case, the news has asserted that a young woman was assumed to be intoxicated at the time of a crash and went as far as to post her name and information. She has been charged with driving under the influence and careless driving. She was also charged with driving with a suspended license. The police did not report the young woman’s blood alcohol concentration.

This case made the news because of the act of another driver who intentionally caused a crash. While the news lauds the woman as a hero, there is a significant problem with causing a crash as a way to prevent people from getting hurt. The woman driving on Interstate 75 overtook the younger woman’s vehicle and slammed on her brakes to cause a collision. It stopped her, but it also caused an accident that was completely avoidable. As a result of the woman’s actions, the young woman suffered injuries.

While the police didn’t report filing a charge against the reckless individual who brake-checked the driver, they did say that causing a secondary collision is not appropriate in these situations. They suggested calling 911, giving a description of the vehicle and waiting for emergency help and the police to arrive. There are safer ways to stop a vehicle than what happened here.

Source: HuffPost, “Heroic Women Sacrifice Own Car To Block Alleged DUI Driver On Highway,” Lee Moran, Sep. 05, 2017

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