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Nurses face double penalties for crimes like DUI or recreational drug possession

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2017 | Administrative Law & Licensing

Nurses and healthcare workers embrace stressful yet incredibly rewarding workdays. The highs and lows of human emotion are commonplace to a nurse – just all in a day’s work. Like many professionals working in stressful careers, nurses look to blow off steam after work – and that can include healthy stress relievers like exercise and yoga; but in reality it can also include drinks at the local bar.

It’s important for nurses to remember that the Board of Nursing regulates your ability to work in your profession. If a complaint is filed against you- whether anonymously, by a patient, co-worker, or boss – you must respond to that complaint because your license is at stake.

One of the most common complaints against a nurse’s license is for issues related to alcohol and recreational drug use. Isolated incidents, like DUI arrests or possession of marijuana, lead to double trouble for nurses because you now face both criminal prosecution and a discipline letter from the Board of Nursing. And you will be required to self-report to the Board of Nursing any criminal conviction.

The vast majority of nurses facing these issues are not bad people and are not bad at their jobs – they simply made a mistake. It’s important for nurses to know they have rights that protect their license but they must demand these rights.

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