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Vandalism can result in jail time and heavy fines

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2017 | Theft & Property Offenses

You thought it was funny to throw eggs at your teacher’s car last night, and you weren’t aware that they could cause actual damage to the paint. What you didn’t know what that the teacher was prepared for acts like this and had a security camera installed on the property. Now, you not only have trouble at school, but you’re also facing an arrest. You’re already 18, so you’re in deep trouble if the teacher decides he wants to press charges for the crime.

Vandalism has the potential to ruin a property’s value. Even if the property is not damaged significantly, the cost to repair vandalized property can be high. For those accused of vandalism, it’s likely high fines and penalties will be part of the sentence if they are convicted.

Vandalism occurs any time someone defaces another person’s property. That can mean that even an act as simple as egging someone’s car or throwing toilet paper into his or her trees could be considered vandalism.

How is vandalism penalized?

Vandalism is penalized in a few ways. It’s normal for some crimes to result in jail time. Others may result in monetary fines. Particularly bad crimes may result in both.

The ages of the people involved may play a role in a vandalism case. Many younger teens and young adults get into trouble with vandalism, so the courts may take this into consideration. It’s worth talking to your attorney about your specific case, so you can try to negotiate a plea deal or work on an agreement that prevents a conviction completely.

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