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Charges for drug possession dropped against Matt Elam

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Drug Charges

Drug crime accusations can quickly land you in trouble with the law and impact your life. Many employers will let you go or fire you if drug use or abuse is suspected. It’s a liability issue for employers, but that can result in a change in your career you never saw coming.

Since there are so many potential downsides to charges being filed against you, you need to defend yourself as soon as allegations are made. If you do, you may be able to have the charges dropped.

If you follow football in Florida, you may have read about the former Florida Gator who was accused of drug possession and the intent to sell or deliver drugs. The former player, Matt Elam, no longer faces legal trouble over the cannabis he was accused of having during a February traffic stop. He had been facing three counts for various drug crimes, but those charges were dropped.

On top of that, the player had previously been charged with grand theft and domestic battery. Those charges, both stemming from an incident that occurred in May, have also been dropped.

The legal trouble the man was in had affected his National Football League (NFL) career, and he is presently a free agent. He has previously played for the Gators and his second team, the Baltimore Ravens, chose not to pick up an option on his contract. It’s not clear if the charges being dropped will affect his career with the NFL. He had previously suffered an injury that also hindered his ability to play, which could still play a role in whether or not teams choose to draft him.

Source: Saturday Down South, “Drug charges dropped against former Florida DB Matt Elam,” Andrew Olson, June 26, 2017

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