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You can defend against drug trafficking charges

On Behalf of | May 12, 2017 | Drug Charges

You know that giving someone else your prescriptions is against the law if you’re intending to sell the drugs, but you didn’t expect to get in trouble for giving someone the medications without asking for payment. Drug trafficking is a criminal offense penalized within the state of Florida; if you have a controlled substance and possess, sell or distribute it, you can be charged.

To be charged and convicted, the prosecution has to show that you participated in the activity of drug trafficking. The prosecutor will need to show that you knew you were bringing a controlled substance into the state or that you intended to give them to someone.

Fortunately, there are a few defenses to this charge. For example, if you have a bottle of opiate drugs on hand for pain and did not intend to sell or distribute them, you can defend yourself with that claim. If you gave your medications to a friend to hold out of their bottles but did not intend to give those to your friend, that could also be a defense. Other defenses include claiming you were unlawfully searched or that you were entrapped by police.

Since drug trafficking is such a serious offense, you can face a maximum of 30 years in prison. Charged as a first-degree felony, drug trafficking can also lead to fines and mandatory minimum sentencing. The type of penalties you could face vary, which is why talking to your attorney is so important. With the right help and support, you can fight the charges against you. Our website has more information on what steps to take next.

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