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In Florida, drug crimes are the most frequently filed criminal charge. This includes offenses involving the abuse, sale or possession of prescription drugs. Prescription drug offenses, including "doctor shopping," can have potentially serious consequences.

An experienced lawyer can advocate on your behalf for a better outcome. McIntosh Law has extensive knowledge and skill with drug crime cases. We will review every aspect of your situation and diligently work to build a strong defense.

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Bradenton Doctor Shopping Defense Attorneys Who Advocate for You

Common prescription drug crimes include:

  • "Doctor shopping": When a patient goes to multiple doctors for the same drug prescription, such as Oxycodone, Roxicodone, Xanax or Valium, without the other doctors' knowledge.
  • Drug trafficking: Involves illegally possessing a certain quantity of prescription drugs. The quantity that qualifies someone for a minimum mandatory prison sentence can be surprisingly low.
  • Other forms of prescription drug fraud: Related crimes can include prescription drug forgery, creating false prescriptions and falsely impersonating someone to obtain prescription drugs.

If you are facing prescription drug charges, you may qualify for drug treatment or pretrial diversion programs, which can result in dropped charges when successfully completed. Our knowledgeable attorneys can meet with you to understand your situation, explain your rights under Florida law and advocate for these options on your behalf.

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