Thorough Defense Against State And Federal Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking generally refers to the sale and distribution of illegal substances. It can also include the possession of a certain quantity of an illegal substance, regardless of whether there was intent to sell or not. Local, state and federal laws regulate these crimes.

If you are facing a drug trafficking charge, McIntosh Law can provide strong legal representation. Our lawyers will meet with you to evaluate your situation, explain your rights and advise on possible next steps. From our Sarasota office, we work as a team to investigate the evidence and build a strong case strategy, which may include defending against an illegal search and seizure.

Understanding Florida’s Trafficking Laws

According to Florida law, individuals can face first-degree trafficking felonies if they knowingly sell, purchase, manufacture, possess or bring into the state:

  • 25 pounds of cannabis or 300 or more cannabis/marijuana plants
  • 28 grams or more of cocaine, or of any mixture containing cocaine, but less than 150 kilograms of cocaine
  • 4 grams or more of morphine, opium, oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, heroin or any mixture containing any of the above substances

Our attorneys can help explain the drug trafficking laws as they apply to your particular situation. Throughout the process, we will strongly defend your rights and address your questions and concerns.

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